Our food menu changes regularly to get the best out of our fresh ingredients

Breakfast Menu

Saturday (10:00-12:00) and Sunday (11:00-12:00)

Plain croissant, strawberry jam (v)
Ham & cheese croissant
Cheese & tomato croissant (v)
Selection of pastries

Artisanal toasted sourdough, salted butter, strawberry jam (v)
‘Christian parra’ black pudding, poached eggs on toasted sourdough
Crushed avocado with goats cheese & black pepper on toasted sourdough (v)
Sautéed mushrooms, fried duck egg on toasted sourdough (v)
The Vermuteria full breakfast
(Cumberland sausage, poached egg, sautéed mushrooms, bacon, tomato, toasted sourdough)

Tamworth streaky bacon on toasted sourdough
Grilled ‘HG Walter’ rare breed pork sausages on toasted sourdough

House granola- slow roasted oats with honey, toasted seeds and dried fruit - milk or natural yoghurt (v)
Power smoothie- wild blueberries, banana, organic peanut butter, toasted seeds, oat milk (ve)

Lunch & Dinner Menu

(Lunch & Dinner menu served from 12:00 until close every day)
Olives (ve)
Marcona almonds (ve)(n)
Little Bread Peddler sourdough bread with salted butter (v)(g)(d)
Mushroom & spring onion croquettes (g)(d)(v)(e)
Cured meat croquettes (g)(d)
Coppa - air dried Tuscan ham, with cinnamon, coriander, juniper & nutmeg
Saucisson Sec - classic French dried cured sausage
Finocchiona - traditional salami from Tuscany with fennel seeds
Mixed board charcuterie (g) - Coppa, Saucisson Sec, Finocchiona
European farmhouse cheese from La Fromagerie (v)(g)(d) - Salers D’Estive, Waterloo, Fourme D’Ambert

Tuscan ribollita soup (ve)(g)(gluten free on request)
Sardines on sourdough bread with Pico de Gallo (f)(g)
Burrata, bull’s heart tomato, olives, salsa verde (v)(d)
Salad of artichokes, butter beans, celery, mint & olives (ve)(c)
Roasted side potatoes with bacon (vegetarian on request)

Fresh rigatoni with cream of cauliflower, kale & parmesan (v)(g)(d)(e)
Mushroom risotto, parmesan & chives (v)(d) (vegan on request)
Potato gnocchi, ragu of Denbighshire fallow vension, parmesan (s)(g)(d)(e)
Slow-cooked shoulder of Denbighshire lamb & roasted potatoes (s)
Grilled steak sandwich, fondant onions & Dijon mustard (g)(m)
Whole Cornish mackerel, preserved lemon, roasted potatoes & salsa verde (f)

Tiramisu (d)(g)(e)
Bread and butter pudding, house custard (d)(g)(e)(n)
Coffee walnut cake or Banana pineapple cake (d)(e)(g)
Baked vanilla cheesecake (d)(g)
Affogato (d)
Artisanal Gelato (d)


Drinks Menu